Why Rock Solid?

We are all born free. We are all born with infinite abilities and talents. We are all born curious to learn and explore. We are all born powerful. In time, as we grow, we start believing what we are told. We believe we are separate. We ignore or minimise our strengths. We forget how to play. We forget our greatness.


who you wereIt happened to me. It happened to you. It happened to everybody. It happens because the people who taught us so were raised to believe the same things, too. It is a collective dream that keeps us imprisoned,  and it is so strongly woven, most of the times we don’t even realize we can break free. We don’t know how to do it anymore. Sometimes we don’t even dare to.


The good thing though, is that people are starting to wake up.  It starts with the courageous ones who gather their resolve to face their “ghosts” and their “demons”, and in doing so, are rewarded  with strength, healing and peace. In order to travel the adventurous path of self discovery you don’t even have to go very far, because the path is always there with you, within you.


I want to be here for you, if you want to wake up. If you want to  start showing your brilliance.To remember WHO  you really are. To start loving yourself. I want to be by your side in your journey, so that we can grow, enjoy and celebrate your emergence.


And when you will come into the complete awareness of your true nature, you will know that what you are is essentially indestructible. That, beyond the fluctuations of the personality – that is always a work in progress -, your inner greatness is really, ultimately, rock solid.


It all starts with a decision. Are you in?

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